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Projects in focus | Ineco around the world

During 2017, Ineco continued its intense international activity through the development of projects of great relevance worldwide in markets considered strategic for the company.

In Europe, the UK remains one of the main markets for Ineco, a position that was strengthened in 2017 through the award of a new high-speed contract.

It is also worth noting work carried out for the European Commission, as well as its entry into Netherlands, where Ineco participates in one of the largest airport developments on the continent.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, Ineco maintained its position of reference with new projects throughout the region, mainly in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. It was also in 2017 that Ineco received its first contract in the United States, a strategic country for the international expansion of the company.

Ineco maintained its presence in the Middle East, where it continued developing important railway and airport projects. It is also important to mention the Asian-Pacific region where Ineco commissioned new projects, especially in the railway sector.