The company’s priority is to become an important hub in the best global mobility, sustainable and secure transport network. Ineco is committed to an open and flexible strategic model capable of adapting to change and complex environments in which internationalisation, innovation and digital transformation continue to play a particularly significant role in offering more agile and dynamic solutions.

Growth in recent years has allowed us to support our position as reference engineering and consulting company in the transport sector and infrastructures at a national and international level. It has also enabled us to consolidate a comprehensive range of capabilities in both traditional solutions innovative offers in line with the current transformation trend in the transport and infrastructures sector.

The company’s strategic framework revolves around reflection on internal strategies. Experience, knowledge and vision of professionals from the organisation in an open, participative and collaborative approach have been a key factor in building up Ineco’s strategy at all staff levels.

The objectives established should guide all our efforts to strengthen and enrich the people policy followed to establish the ideal environment for our professionals to develop their career; enhance business development and active stakeholder management in order to consolidate and strengthen our relationships with the environment by maximising customer satisfaction and loyalty; focus on active and open innovation through new products and services that generate added value and actions that encourage collaboration with other companies and agents involved; achieve an excellent operating model that guarantees the competitiveness of our offer and promote the process of organisational transformation that involves a cultural change towards a completely digital environment.

In 2018, the company will continue to advance in the development and implementation of this open, participatory and collaborative strategic model by establishing strategic pillars that will guide all actions performed by the organization and transversal axes that will lead to the generation of a differential value in the field of sustainable and secure mobility and transport.

5 strategic objectives on which the 2018-2020 strategy is based