Suppliers are a key figure in the smooth operation of the company and contribute to maintaining the best quality standards in the services that Ineco offers its customers. Therefore, the company seeks to establish good relations with them and guarantees transparency and equality in all its contracting processes. It is about selecting those who not only better meet the needs of the company, but who are also better aligned with the principles and values of the company.

1. Communication, equality and transparency

The principles that govern Ineco’s internal contracting standards are the following:

Principle of advertising

The company applies this principle by inserting the General Conditions of Contract on the website; publishing the procurement processes on the State Contracting Platform (, and, as appropriate, also on the Ineco website, without resorting to other additional means of advertising contracts derived from management assignments.

Principles of competition, equality and non-discrimination

Ineco guarantees free access to contracting by any company, starting with the non-discriminatory description of the subject matter of the contract. It also guarantees equal access for all economic operators in all European Union member states, with the recognition of degrees, certificates and other diplomas from different EU countries. It is also a fundamental company policy to avoid providing information in a discriminatory manner which could give certain bidders an advantage over others.

Principle of transparency

Ineco meets the requirements of this principle by publishing the Internal Contracting Standards which specify the contracting process used and the award bodies established.

It has also published the General Contracting Terms and Conditions applicable to contracts; and sets objective assessment criteria for each specification, in order to always award the most economically advantageous proposal, in accordance with those criteria.

Principle of confidentiality

The guarantee of compliance with this principle is embodied in the confidentiality clause included in the General Contracting Conditions, which, in certain processes, are complemented by specific statements.

On the other hand, Ineco, aware of the most disadvantaged groups, focuses on socially responsible purchases by promoting the inclusion of social clauses in its bids. Also, in 2017, it renewed its membership in the Forum of Socially Responsible Recruitment, which provides assistance to companies in this area.

Recruitment of works, supplies and services in 2017: