Ineco focuses on offering innovative solutions for mobility and sustainable and safe transport, where its major asset is its talent. The company demonstrates clear commitment to the identification, management and development of its projects, evidenced by the Human Capital Award achieved in the category of Comprehensive Human Resources Policy in Public Entities. Concern for innovation, talent management, digital transformation and business orientation are some of the characteristics highlighted by the judges.

1. Identification and development of talent

1.1. Identification of talent

In 2017, in order to position itself as a benchmark employer, Ineco continued to develop the Comprehensive Programme for Detection and Development of Talent, both nationally and internationally. It is important to note the significant volume of vacancies covered by internal staff, which facilitates mainstreaming and good development opportunities among employees. When selecting new candidates to cover vacancies, the company guarantees the principles of advertising, merit and capacity.

Convinced that young people are a strategic group, 28% of trainees were contracted in 2017 after terminating their internship (2% more than the previous year). Ineco enters into agreements and alliances with the best universities and benchmark education centres. Its presence in events such as the Company Day of the UC3M and World ATM Congress and attendance of the main employment forums of the sector (Satelec, Induforum, Aeroempleo, Forum ESIEM, virtual forum, etc.) in search of the most suitable profiles. Taking into account the importance of social networks to reach this group, the increase in engagement on LinkedIn of 72% must be noted.

To further its commitment as a socially responsible company, Ineco awarded five Once Foundation internships in 2017 to highly qualified university students with disabilities in order to contribute to their training and increase their employment opportunities. Ineco also strengthened its relationship with the Prodis Foundation, with whom it has collaborated for many years in the Company Programme for training young people with different abilities.

The company faced 2018 with the firm intention of advancing in the digitization of recruiting processes and tools to enhance our effectiveness, offer the best service to our clients and, therefore, add value to the company. It will also address the challenge of creating specific attraction programmes for critical and recurrent vacancies, particularly abroad.

1.2. Developing talent

In order to detect the skills and abilities, development potential and interests, motivation and attitudes of employees, the second call for the EdD (Development Evaluation) initiative was launched at the end of 2017. The bases were also established to move towards an EDD 360º model, which consists of a comprehensive evaluation that will make it easier for professionals to identify development opportunities and provide them with a complete and objective view of their professional performance on which to establish their development plan, based on the perception of the people who work with them.

2. Training

Training at Ineco is one of the basic pillars for improving the quality of its services and attracting, developing and retaining talent.

In order to achieve the company’s strategic goals, Training became a lever that generates value, aimed at increasing the skills, knowledge and abilities of Ineco’s professionals.

The Training and Development Plan is comprised of 5 training programmes:

  • Language Programme
  • Certification and Working Methodologies Programme
  • Technical Specialisation Programme
  • Work Processes and Models Programme
  • Skills Programme

The Up Grading Programme also contributes to supporting training and development of employees by providing funding for that not included in the Training and Development Plan.

In 2017, different initiatives were carried out aimed at spreading the company’s know-how and valuing the experience of our professionals, as well as developing skills and abilities. These include:

  • Internal Training School: since it opened in 2014, the School has not stopped growing.  Ineco already has a team of 74 accredited and highly qualified trainers who are responsible for transmitting knowledge and experience within the organisation.
  • Preparatory Course for Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency (CAE) or Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): During 2017, a new language training format was launched to prepare participants so that they could pass the demanding Cambridge exams.
  • Corporate Compliance Programme: a training programme for all employees offering training in theory and practice of legislative changes implemented, as well as the firm commitment of the organisation in Compliance matters.
  • Extension of the ORP portfolio: development of e-learning training sessions and in-person training provided by the Ineco Prevention Service in the field of occupational risk prevention.
  • Cybersecurity: aimed at raising awareness of the risks arising from improper use of Information Systems and promoting good practices in this area.

Development of all these initiatives did not prevent us from working on the challenges presented for 2018, which include development of training sessions on the Commercial Product Catalogue, Universal Training platform (technical engineering content) and Personnel Management Programme or face-to-face training on stress management.

Important data and figures, 2017

Grouping by
Total men
Total women
Average men
Average women
Directors 1,431 457 1,888 75.30 65.29 72.60
Management 11,545 3,667 15,212 65.60 69.18 66.43
Technical 42,024 28,092 70,115 34.05 38.64 35.75
Support 5,124 4,096 9,220 23.19 17.51 20.26
Total 60,124 36,312 96,435 36.44 35.56 39.92

3. Managing commitment

Commitment to organisation is a key factor in the smooth running of a company. In addition to identifying the best professionals and developing their careers, it is crucial to offer them a quality business project that encompasses aspects such as equal opportunities, reconciliation of family and professional life or an attractive package of social benefits. This results in a good working environment that brings out the best in people.

The climate and commitment survey has been carried out periodically since 2004 in order to measure the organisational climate in different dimensions and be able to defining plans, policies and actions aimed at motivating, retaining and engaging employees. The company will launch the next one in 2018.

Another instrument that helps to strengthen the bond between the company and the employees is the Employee Club, whose activity increased in 2017. Employees benefited from important discounts, and were also able to enjoy more proposals of activities in the Leisure Club, Sports Club and Solidarity Club. Paddle tournaments, mountain trips, board games, karting, soccer, popular races, etc. were held. Interesting proposals  for activities for “days without school” throughout the year were also published, as well as discounts in urban and non-urban camps for the summer and Christmas months.

Programmes continued to be available in 2017, aimed at favouring social benefits, integration of groups at risk of exclusion and awareness of diversity:

  • Más Programme:

Ineco continues to offer its employees a package of social benefits that they can receive by choosing from the following products that best suit their needs: food aid, child care, health insurance, or a combination of all of these. These benefits have been increased with the measures adopted for the Concilia Plan mentioned above. Ineco employees also have life insurance that covers death or permanent disability, as well as a supplement to Social Security benefits in case of temporary incapacity.

  • Concilia Plan:

One year later, Ineco continues to implement the Concilia Plan, whose main objective is to promote the reconciliation of employees’ personal, family and working lives. The Plan’s scopes of action include:

Organising working hours

Social benefits

Leave, absence and days off

Personal and professional development

In all, in 2017, a total of 534 measures were processed and approved.

The company also has an action protocol, accessible to all employees, to channel possible cases of workplace harassment through the figure of a mediator who provides information and manages such cases, if they occur, guaranteeing the necessary levels of confidentiality.

  • Equality Plan:

Ineco began negotiations with the objective of approving an update of the Equality Plan to adapt it to the new trends and possible normative changes that could be approved in this matter. This included an in-depth analysis of the situation of Ineco employees in order to review the measures already in place and to establish others that help promote the effective equality of women and men.

  • Integra Plan:

This integration plan has been continued for people with disabilities or belonging to groups at risk of social exclusion, contributing to improve their employability and promoting social awareness in this regard. This plan establishes specific measures for access to employment, disabled employees and victims of gender-based violence, financial aid, job adjustment, care service, etc. and others directed at employees with relatives dependent on them as extensions of paternity/maternity leave, leave of absence, flexibility in terms of holidays, etc.

Composition of corporate governance and staff bodies, broken down by gender and age group

2017 DATA total No. GENDER AGE
Men Women < 30 years 30 - 50 > 50 years
Director structure 26 73.1% 26.9% 0.0% 76.9% 23.1%
Management structure 229 76.9% 23.1% 0.0% 74.7% 25.3%
Structure staff 255 76.5% 23.5% 0.0% 74.9% 25.1%
Technical structure 1,961 62.9% 37.1% 11.5% 80.6% 8.0%
Support structure 455 48.6% 51.4% 4.2% 75.2% 20.7%
Contract staff 2,416 60.2% 39.8% 10.1% 79.6% 10.3%
Total staff 2,671 61.8% 38.2% 9.1% 79.1% 11.8%

4. We are international

Maintaining international competitiveness implies equipping the organisation with the necessary tools for good management of human resources in the different geographic markets where the company develops its projects. At Ineco, the team involved in this work maintained its vocation as a strategic partner in 2017 and supported the different organisational directorates, working every day as a one stop shop in the different stages of international projects. 

The activity developed by this team is based on the shared and transversal management – so that there is integrative unity between all areas involved -, budget control, rigour and objectivity, commitment to service and proximity, flexibility, transparency, local adaptation and legal certainty.

Throughout 2017, improvements were made to the service that the Global Mobility team (single channel and centred on all matters related to the mobility of people) provided to employees before, during and after they travelled. The implementation of the GM Support (Global Mobility) tool allows people to track incidents, ensuring accurate control of the whole process. To continue the work undertaken in 2016, the Ineco Campus was promoted on an international level in 2017 and new agreements were managed with universities in key countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia or Colombia.

Looking ahead to 2018, and continuing along the lines of the company’s internationalisation strategy, we are working on the greater digitization of Global Mobility’s support service. This includes the design of a tool that guarantees the search for optimal and sustainable migration solutions in project management and international transfers, as well as the revision and expansion of the Corporate Repatriation Programme (Return Programme).


  Total Mens Women
Europe 2,628 1,612 1,016
   Spain 2,617 1,605 1,012
America 9 7 2
Africa 2 2 0
Asia 32 29 3

5. Prevention and safety

Through focusing on increasing the welfare of workers and promoting healthy habits among them, significant progress was made in health and safety in 2017. Therefore, the OHSAS 18001 recertification was successfully passed. This is a certificate that accredits Ineco’s safety and health management system as being adequate to regulatory standards. Moreover, this year, the process was developed under the multisite approach, for which Security and Health certification was obtained for international locations where the company is present, which is a competitive contribution for the business.

One year later, Health Week took place, whose mission was to promote healthy habits among all employees, which it did so through different workshops on awareness of postural health, and encourage them to stop smoking, among others. The Internal Training Programme on Safety and Health was also implemented.

On the other hand, 2017 also meant the consolidation of security as an essential value of the company. During the past year, training and information services for employees on international travel safety were improved through the publication of the Travel Safety Guide and the Traveller’s Manual, which provide a series of instructions and good safety practices to follow before, during and after an international trip.

As regards protecting information, legal compliance with the law on personal data protection was improved, increasing the compliance rate since 2016 with the help of specific action plans.

The main objective in terms of information security for 2018 will be the adaptation of the company to the new European regulations on data protection, the General Regulation on Data Protection, which implies an increase in due diligence in companies, greater awareness of employees, through training programmes different methodologies and stronger guarantees for those involved. We will also continue to work on the protection of the company’s sensitive information through the elaboration of guidelines for classification of information and rules of confidentiality and use of technological resources.