Infrastructures have a direct impact on the economy and social development Aware of this influence on the positive transformation of the environment, Ineco is committed to improving the situation of communities where it carries out its activity. As a sign of this commitment, the company also initiates professional volunteer projects in developing countries, in order to contribute to improving the living conditions of families with fewer resources.

1. Spirit of solidarity and collaboration

Ineco encourages the participation and involvement of its professionals in solidarity initiatives to achieve a more just and equal society. It has an internal social action platform, iSolidaria, for this purpose. This is a space directed towards the management of corporate voluntary work where people can consult the initiatives of the company in this field, share experiences or be informed of the current situation of Ineco in the field of social action. Voluntary activities are evaluated by employees who participate through satisfaction surveys, allowing for continuous monitoring of the results obtained.

In keeping with its zeal for solidarity, in 2017, the company renewed the collaboration agreement for which it is constituted as Friend Entity of the Lealtad Foundation. Thanks to this collaboration, Ineco relied on the Lealtad Foundation to ensure the highest level of transparency and objectivity in the company’s participation in the various social programmes and actions.

2. Initiatives in 2017

Ineco elaborates its annual Programme of Social Action, which is part of its Corporate Responsibility Plan and includes the actions to be carried out in collaboration with independent non-profit entities with which the company carries out activities of a different nature.

Euro Solidarity Campaign

It is a solidarity campaign in which employees donate a percentage of their monthly salary to finance a specific project. For its part, the company has undertaken to double the contributions of its employees, up to a certain maximum amount.

In order to select the project to which the funds raised in this campaign (eighth edition) were allocated, a competition was held among the employees, the chosen option being the project “Training in the use of antibiotics for children in Darbhanga district, India” led by Doctors Without Borders, in which around 400 Ineco workers participated.

Challenge 2017

The Challenge is a charity run organised by Action Against Hunger to combat child malnutrition.

An event that combines sport and solidarity and allowed employees to have a good day with their partners, practice sports and offer a better future to thousands of children. Ineco participated in the editions of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville, and thanks to the 1,304 km travelled by the entire Ineco team, Action against Hunger was able to provide 12,000 days of treatment for children with nutrition problems.

Employment Programme. Training for young people at risk of social exclusion

Ineco has undertaken to improve the training and employability of young people at risk of social exclusion and thus facilitate their integration into the labour market. To achieve this, it puts the knowledge and skills of its professionals at the disposal of this kind of educational project.

For another year, in 2017, the company collaborated with the Norte Joven Foundation. The staff selection and management team organised the training through group dynamics, which Ineco complemented with individual simulated interviews with young people by volunteers from the company, aimed at helping them to cope more successfully with a first job interview. Volunteers from the Department of Economics and Finance also gave them a module containing basic financial notions that is useful for their professional careers.

100 young people at risk of social exclusion and over 30 volunteers participated in these solidarity activities during that year.

Gift of Company Campaign

In 2017, Ineco joined the fight against loneliness in old age in collaboration with the Friends of the Elderly Association. A team of 10 people volunteered to accompany elders for a day on a guided tour of Thyssen and then a meal. Ten elderly people were able to leave their solitude and routine during a great day of cultural activity.

You Choose Campaign

For the third year in a row, Ineco launched a You Choose Campaign in which employees propose and select three NGOs with which they want the company to collaborate in support of their social activities.

The most voted proposals by the employees in the contest, from more than 30 applications were: Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC) (Spanish Association Against Cancer); Red Cross. Childhood Paralysis Centre of Valencia; and Children’s Cancer Association of the Community of Madrid, ASION (first, second and third prize, respectively).

You add. Solidarity Xmas Campaign

In December, Ineco launched the Tú Sumas. Navidades Solidarias (You Add. Christmas Solidarity) Campaign, aimed at collecting food, toys and baby clothes so that families in need could have a better Christmas.

The solidarity shown by employees enabled Ineco to raise:

– Operation Kilo: 212 kg of food that was donated to the Banco de Alimentos de Madrid

(Madrid Food Bank) for distribution among families in need, social kitchens, children and adolescents, nursing homes, children and the disabled, foster homes, etc.

– Toys: donated to the Asociación Ningún Niño sin Sonrisa (No Child without a Smile Association) and distributed to children coming from various social entities on 6 January.

– Baby clothes: donated to the Asociación Red Madre (Mothers’ Network Association) and distributed among women at risk of social exclusion.

The Three Wise Men Campaign

A year later, their Majesties, the Three Wise Men of the Orient, visited the offices of Ineco to collect the letters written by children and grandchildren of the employees and give them a solidarity gift , this time in collaboration with the Friends of the Elderly Association and in benefit of a Special Employment Centre. The children also collaborated by delivering children’s books to be donated to a public children’s hospital in Madrid.

Bottle tops for a new life

Ineco continues to collaborate with the Seur Foundation’s ‘Bottle tops for a Life’ project in order to raise funds to help children with illnesses not covered by ordinary health systems.

In 2017, Ineco employees were able to collect 260 kg of lids, which have been used to provide rehabilitation treatment to two boys: Joey and Gerardo.

Emergency assistance fund

Since 2009, Ineco has collaborated with the Red Cross through the Emergency Assistance Fund whose mission is to provide assistance to the most vulnerable, providing them with assistance and relief and relieving human suffering caused by natural disasters, accidents, catastrophes and other collective risks or incidents.

Ineco also disclosed to employees the organisation’s emergency appeals, such as those for the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the food crisis in the Horn of Africa in 2011, the Nepal earthquake in 2015 and the earthquake in Ecuador in 2016. The company, in line with its commitment, doubled the amount collected by employees.

Engagement actions with people with different abilities

  • Adapted hiking

Ineco participated in a day of adapted hiking in collaboration with the Fundación Deporte y Desafío (Sport and Challenge Foundation) to promote the integration of people with disabilities through sport.  Ineco volunteers accompanied a group of young people with disabilities on a day’s hike along the Alberche Greenway.

  • Interactive corner and solidarity fruits

In order to support the integration of disabled people and promote healthy habits among employees, during the second edition of Healthy Week and in collaboration with the Juan XXIII Foundation, a nutritional interactive corner was installed in the main offices in Madrid, where expert nutritionists gave guidelines and advice to employees to encourage healthy living. Fruit was also distributed from the Foundation’s organic orchard, where organic fruits and vegetables are grown by a team of people with intellectual disabilities.

  • XTUMIRADA Campaign

On March 21, 2017, Down Spain commemorated World Down Syndrome Day with the inauguration of the photographic exhibition ‘XTUMIRADA’.

The aim of the campaign was for everyone to learn to see this group without prejudice or stereotypes, realising that these people only have a disability, but that with the appropriate supports can achieve any goal proposed.

Ineco, along with other public companies, was awarded the Trebol Prize for Solidarity, for its “contribution to awareness of people with Down syndrome in Spain”.

  • Christmas Card Competition

In 2017, Ineco organised a Christmas greeting card competition in collaboration with the Prodis Foundation for children/grandchildren of employees after taking on the challenge of promoting actions to improve employability and working conditions of people with disabilities and promoting social awareness of this.

Drawing ED EXPO

For the first year, Ineco collaborated with the Créate Foundation through a new voluntary action that promotes innovation in the field of education.

Company volunteers with experience in the field of innovation and/or academics participated as mentors in the evaluation of innovative projects presented by young people between the ages of 10 and 16 at Drawing ED EXPO. This is one of the largest educational innovation events in Spain in which students present work developed during the academic year in Primary and Secondary schools through active methodologies and a more experimental education.

According to the strategic lines of the company, this activity was a decisive commitment to innovation in classrooms and the development of young talents.

Life Diary. Sandra Ibarra Foundation

Ineco, together with a group of public companies, participated in the communication campaign of the School for Survivors, created by the Sandra Ibarra Foundation. An initiative aimed at promoting institutional healthcare plans for the ‘long-term survivor’ and offering society a view of cancer from the perspective of those who have overcome the disease. The School will help to raise awareness about the physical, emotional and social needs of survivors on the basis of a detailed, in-depth knowledge of their day-to-day reality, and enable other associated diseases to be identified.

3. Further collaborations

As a leading global company in the engineering and transport consulting sector, Ineco also promotes cooperation between national engineering companies and is a member of various national and international associations and organisations. The objective is to contribute to enrich and strengthen the synergies between all agents from the sector, as well as to keep up-to-date their technical and management know-how by exchanging state-of-the-art knowledge with other companies and organisations. Therefore, in 2017, Ineco belonged to the following entities:

1 Tecniberia Asince
2 Asociación de Usuarios de SAP, AUSAPE (SAP Users’ Association of Spain)
3 Plataforma Tecnológica Ferroviaria Española, PTFE (Spanish Technological Railway Platform)
4 Plataforma Tecnológica de la Carretera, PTC (Spanish Technological Road Platform)
5 Club de la Innovación y el Conocimiento (Innovation and Knowledge Club)
6 Fundación Lealtad (Lealtad Foundation)
7 Asociación Latinoamericana de Metros y Subterráneos, ALAMYS (Latin American Train and Underground Association)
8 Asociación Española de Fabricantes Exportadores de Material, Equipos y Servicios Ferroviarios, MAFEX (Spanish Association of Railway Services, Equipment and Material Manufacturers and Exporters)
9 Cámara de Madrid (Madrid Chamber of Commerce)
10 Asociación Técnica Carreteras, ATC (Technical Road Association)
11 Asociación Nacional de Auscultación y Sistemas de Gestión Técnica de Infraestructuras, AUSIGETI (National Association of Auscultation and Technical Infrastructure Management Systems)
12 Asociación Española de Túneles y Obras, AETOS (Spanish Association of Tunnels and Works)
13 Asociación Científico-Química del Hormigón Estructural, ACHE (Scientific and Chemical Structural Concrete Association)
14 Asociación de Acción Ferroviaria, CETREN (Railway Action Association)
15 Asociación Española de la Calidad, AEC (Spanish Association for Quality)
16 Foro Español de Expatriados, FEEX (Spanish Expatriate Forum)
17 Asociación de Reparación, Refuerzo y Protección del Hormigón, ARPHO (Spanish Association for the Repair, Reinforcement, and Protection of Concrete)
18 Association of the Socially Responsible Recruitment Forum (AFCPSR)
19 European Green Growth Group (GGG)
20 European Innovation Partnership (EIP)
21 Building Smart Spanish
22 Asociación Española de Gerencia de Riesgos y Seguros (AGERS) Spanish Association of Risk and Insurance Management
23 Centro PPP for Cities, Specialist Centre on PPP in Smart and Sustainable Cities (IESE)
24 International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)
25 PRL Innovation
26 Aenor Smart Cities
27 Cluster Andalucía Smart Cities
28 Galileo Services
29 Infra Eco Network Europe (IENE)
30 Aenor Climate Change
31 Move to Future (M2F)
32 Plataforma Tecnológica de la Contrucción, PTEC (Spanish Construction Technology Platform)
33 Entidad Nacional de Acreditación (ENAC) (National Accreditation Entity)
34 Spanish Exporters' Club
35 London First
36 Asociación para el Progreso de la Dirección (APD) (Association for the Advancement of Management)
37 Cámara Oficial Española de Comercio e Industria de Quito (Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Quito)
38 Asociación Mexicana de Ferrocarriles, AMF (Association of Mexican Railroads)
38 The Railway lndustry Association (RIA)