Support for Enaire: Plan 2020, SACTA, ÍCARO and COMETA

Ineco has been working for Enaire for over 30 years in the modernisation and improvement of air navigation in Spain. In 2017, Ineco collaborated in the drafting of the Strategic Plan 2017-2020 and continued with the operational implementation of new versions of ATM systems (SACTA and ICARO) and the ACC voice communication system (COMETA), for air traffic control.

The manager of air navigation services in Spain, Enaire, had a strategic plan for 2017-2020, which included an investment of 294 million Euros in this period. The traffic growth forecast for the following four years is 16%, which means 2.2 million flights in 2020. Increasing security levels and capacity of the system, improving the quality of services, contributing to environmental sustainability, ensuring economic and financial viability, and highlighting the work of its professionals are the objectives of the plan, also called Flight Plan 2020.

The support provided by Ineco included, in particular, the Commercial and Business Development Plan, where it participated in the definition of strategic lines, drafting of a catalogue of products and services in line with the Transport and Infrastructure Internationalisation Plan of the Ministry of Public Works. It also participated in several Programmes of the People Development Plan, as well as in the Programme for Improvement of Meteorological Information.

The SACTA and ICARO systems and the ACC voice communication system (COMETA) provide all aeronautical information necessary for air traffic control in Spain and are constantly updated. Ineco has been involved since 1990 in the development and implementation of new versions in Spanish airports and control centres. During 2017, the hardware platform was replaced for servers of COMETA B systems in the Canary Islands. Many activities relating to the ICARO system were carried out, including the geographic separation of main and continuous architectures. Moving forward in collaboration with other Enaire systems meant another important milestone in the year. In relation to the SACTA system, it is important to mention specification activities, verification tests and commissioning of version 3.Z5.60 Linux Mixta on the Spanish Mainland and in the Balearic Islands. It must also be pointed out that the Ineco team managed migration, supply and start-up of the new SACTA architecture without any impact being registered.

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