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HS2 phase 2b: high speed between Birmingham and Sheffield

In 2017, the United Kingdom Government awarded Ineco, in consortium with US-based Aecom and the British company, Capita, the contract for the preliminary design of civil works and environmental impact studies for lot 2 of phase 2b of the HS2 high-speed ​​line. More than one million people will be connected to the capital city of London in just one hour.

Ineco won a new contract for the high-speed line (HS2) that will link London to Manchester and Leeds. The company, together with US-based Aecom and the British company Capita, will be responsible for the preliminary design of civil works and environmental impact studies for lot 2, a section of Phase 2B of the project (Crewe-Manchester and Birmingham-Leeds). This work will be carried out in the southern section, around 90 kilometres long, from the Leeds’ access point, and extend from the Phase-1 connection, which ends in Birmingham, all the way to the south of Sheffield. The aim of this contract is to submit the project to Parliament for consideration through the so-called Hybrid Bill, which is subject to the scrutiny of a Select Committee that also manages public consultations and requests for change. A study will also be carried out on the origin of the project from the point of view of public interest and the adequacy of its effect on properties, due to which the environmental design and evaluation process is highly detailed and documented.

This phase is preceded by a preliminary study of the route already subject to public consultation by the Department for Transport, under the British Government, and initially approved in November 2016.

The new route will link Birmingham with Manchester and Leeds via two Y-shaped branches: one heads North West towards Manchester with two planned stations at Manchester Airport and Manchester Picadilly; and the other branch heads North East towards Leeds via the East Midlands and Sheffield Meadowhall stations. Phase 2 of HS2 will start its rail operations by 2033, although the Government plans to advance the West Midlands-Crewe section (phase 2A) by a few years to 2027.

Ineco has been operating in the United Kingdom since 2012, in the first phase of the HS2 line between London and Birmingham, participating in the preliminary design and Hybrid Bill of the northern section together with Capita. The first phase, of 225 kilometres, is expected to start operating in 2026. Although Ineco’s participation in the first phase was due to its specialisation in high speed, this second contract is awarded in the context of a mature UK market in which Ineco is already looked upon as a reliable agent and where it participates in the design of civil railway works and the Environmental Impact Assessment.

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