Modernisation of the Justice Administration

Ineco has been collaborating with the General Secretariat of the Spanish Justice Administration in its structural reform process since 2016, which involves the implementation of new information technologies to achieve greater efficiency through specific programmes. The work carried out has allowed to define, develop and, in some cases, implement the technological tools necessary to further the modernisation process.

The general secretariat of New Technologies for Justice (SGNTJ) is in charge of the work, and is divided into two sections: support for electronic judicial administration and other actions, and management of a development factory. The main activities of the project include global coordination of work, development of a project office and technical offices, digitization and cataloguing of records, IT governance consultancy, systems engineering for the establishment of a development factory, business architecture consulting for IT governance and use of databases containing administrative records to support judicial activity.

During 2017, work started in 2016 continued, including maintenance of new corporate platforms, as well as the development of new systems and business applications through the Ineco on-site Development Centre. In turn, other more technological lines have been promoted in the field of software architecture, source code security and Big Data, and a technological observatory has been implemented.

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