Paseo del Bajo in Buenos Aires

Ineco began work on the new Paseo del Bajo in Buenos Aires in 2017, one of the most important civil works in Argentina that will connect the Buenos Aires-La Plata and Illia highways and create green spaces in the lower Buenos Aires area, giving continuity to the Historic Axis of the City. Its objective is to decongest the traffic of the city and improve north-south connectivity through twelve new lanes over six kilometres long.

Also known as “the riverside highway,” the initiative involves the creation of a road system that will include a highway and fast lanes, with green spaces, pedestrian crossings and more. Ineco, in collaboration with its local partner, specifically carries out the inspection of section B “South semi-covered trench”, a semi-underground track of four lanes intended for heavy vehicle traffic. This new route will allow freight traffic to cross the centre of Buenos Aires without traffic lights, and enter directly into the port and Retiro bus terminal, substantially improving travel time.

During 2017, the Master Plan was drafted, the affected services were located, the road and rail traffic in the work environment was adapted and heavy work was begun with the construction of the screen and pile walls for the trench.

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