Costa Rica

Costa Rica Transport Infrastructures Programme

Ineco is supporting the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation of Costa Rica in the development of the PIT projects – the Transport Infrastructure Programme 2020. During 2017, the company continued to work for this nationwide plan, whose main objective is to contribute to the development of transportation, improve the mobility of people and goods, and facilitate Costa Rica’s regional trade and economic integration.

In 2016, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Costa Rica contracted a consortium led by Ineco along with another Spanish firm to manage its Transport Infrastructure Programme (PIT). This is a national plan to promote local transport, through the improvement of road and port infrastructures with a view to facilitating the flow of trade and regional economic integration in Costa Rica. The PIT is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank.

This programme, which is in line with the National Transport Plan 2011-2035 (PNT) – and also developed by Ineco – includes actions in seven road projects and three port projects, with rehabilitation, reconstruction, paving, road expansion , improvements in road safety, bridge expansion or the construction and improvement of ports.

The company will provide consulting services for the administrative, technical, legal and environmental management of the Programme, ending in 2020. Ineco has been present in Costa Rica since 2004, where it has developed works such as the National Transport Plan, the Integral Plan for the Modernisation of the Airport Network or the study for the implementation of a rail transport system in the metropolitan area of the capital, San José.

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