Work for AESA. Airport certification

Since it started operating in 2008, Ineco has collaborated with the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA), providing support in the development and implementation of the competencies assigned to this Agency, contributing with its long experience in the design, planning and operation of airports.

In this cooperation framework, during 2017, Ineco supported AESA in the certification of airports, collaborating in the production of reference material and carrying out the planning and control of these processes, as well as actively participating in private airport certification. This has been possible due to the fact that Ineco has aerodrome inspectors authorised by AESA.

As a result of this work, AESA overcame “the challenge”, within the deadline set by the European Agency, to certify all national airports under the EASA regulation before the end of 2017, thus making Spain one of the countries with all airports certified under European regulations.

In 2017, in particular, Ineco provided specialised aeronautical consultancy services, which are specifically reflected in the following works: Support in the design of certification and conversion processes under European regulations; Support in the planning and monitoring of the certification processes, to guarantee fulfilment of the objectives and established deadlines; Participation, as inspectors, in the certificate conversion processes of the airports of Castellón and Lleida; Other consultancy work within the framework of the work carried out by AESA as guarantor of airport security.

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