Works for Spanish high-speed network

Ineco has collaborated, since the very beginning, in the implementation of the Spanish high-speed network, actively participating in its planning, design and technological development. Over 25 years carrying out design, construction, signalling, communication, maintenance and traffic management projects. In 2017, it is important to mention the maintenance of all line facilities, as well as the preparatory work carried out to implement the high speed in the Basque Country, Galicia and Cantabria.

Since 1992, Ineco has been monitoring and controlling the infrastructure, superstructure and installations of high-speed lines, actively intervening in preventive and corrective maintenance. To this end, the company has 5 technicians in each of the 15 maintenance bases distributed across Spain.

The Basque Country, Galicia and Cantabria advance in the arrival of high-speed lines to their regions. Ineco has participated in different phases of the projects in all three cases.

The new Basque rail network is part of the Large Madrid-Valladolid-Burgos-Vitoria-San Sebastián High-Speed Project, which is divided into three branches (Vitoria-Bilbao, Mondragón-Elorrio-Bergara and Bergara-San Sebastián) and is 155 km long. Ineco participated by providing construction management, a coordination and monitoring office, technical assistance, informative studies on access to cities and various projects on platform and track assembly.

The Madrid-Galicia high-speed line has several sections in service or in execution. Work on access from the Plateau is progressing, including the final section of Taboadela to Ourense, which involves complex development and management taking into account deadlines and costs. The line from Olmedo is 306 km long. It is important to mention the participation of Ineco in the drafting of construction projects for platforms, the stations of Ourense and Santiago de Compostela, the Taboadela gauge changeover, and assembly of track and overhead line. It has also carried out construction management, environmental management and monitoring and coordination of contracts.

The Palencia-Santander high-speed line is part of the current Infrastructure, Transport and Housing Plan (PITVI). In 2017, the informational studies of the sections Palencia-Alar del Rey/Aguilar de Campoo and Aguilar de Campoo-Reinosa were developed. Ineco participates in this line through two informative studies as well as the construction projects necessary for the duplication of Commuter Line C1 between Torrelavega and Santander.

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